BuzziNews "Good Word" Competition 2007 results

The "Good Word" Competition is Over and the Winner is Mete Agaoglu from Turkey
Silver prize goes to Saeed Sadeghi from Iran and the Bronze goes to Tawan Chuntra from Thailand

In the recent 3 months we have laghed, admired, loved and were moved to see your immense creativity and that you came from every corner of the world. It may satisfy you to know that the downpour of "Good Words" that you have created is making its way through 91 countries and approximately 700 cities in which BuzziNews has been exposed.

Winner of the Golden Prize: "Leave Your Child a Good World" by Mete Ağaoğlu – Turkey (See above)

Winner of the Silver Prize: "Replant the Forests" by Saeed Sadeghi - Iran (See above)

Winner of the Bronze Prize: "Doing Business Anytime" by Tawan Chuntra – Thailand (See above)
The Winners of the Judges Choice Award are:
"Only the Good News" by Alexey I. Gvardin - Uzbekistan
"Leaders Looking for Peace" by Seyran Caferli (Nasirov) - Azerbaijan
"Cartoon Exhibition" by Eshonkulov Makhmdjon - Uzbekistan
"Some Things are Still Free" by Cival Einstein - Brazil

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