Warning from Virgilio Morro

---------- Forwarded message ----------
From: Caricaturas Morro
Date: 14.Ağu.2007 22:35
Dear Colleague Cartoonist:
The Dong-A newspaper from Seoul, Korea, it is organizing again an international cartoon Competition, but that is not a serious institution.
I participated in past versions of DIFECA (Donga International Cartoon competition) , but the organizers do not send the results to the participants. In the past editions they promise a free catalogue of the exhibition, for all the selected cartoonists. But they do not send it.
In 2006 edition I was selected and finalist for the prizes. But I do not received the catalogue.
On 2005 version the colleague Freddy Pibaque win the second prize... but the organizers do not send it the catalogue book that they promise in the rules (See the results in http://www.difeca.com/, click on 2005).
The organizers changes his e-mail every year. Why? For the participants cannot demand the catalogue that they have the right. For example: on 2006 version the DIFECA e-mail was: difeca@donga.com. But now that e-mail is not available. Now, on 2007 version, the DIFECA e-mail is: dcartoon@dcartoon.co.kr. They answer now, for to receive the artworks. But after the exhibition, they do not give attention to the artists.
The same Donga newspaper organized on 2006 the international cartoon contest with theme FOOTBALL. The e-mail of this contest was sifcc@donga.com. But now, this e.mail is not available.
For the respect for our work, please do not participate. With best regards, Virgilio Morro.

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