FIHQ 2007

International Festival of Humor & Comic Strip - FIHQ 2007
rules of entry
1. categories
b) CARTOON - works that are not related to any event.
c) GAG CARTOON - political satire – related to actual events.
d) COMICS – sequential art until 3 pages.
e) EDITORIAL ILLUSTRATION – works that were published between June 30 2006 and July 31 2007.
2. entries
a) Works must be sent through the internet in the following configuration: 300 dpi, size 4.724 x 3.543 pixel or 300 x 400 mm, color mode RGB, in jpg format (quality medium) with the maximum limit of 1,5 MB, having in the message all the data of the participant, describing the techniques and softwares that were used. Only one image by message.
b) The format of the works that were published (Editorial Illustration) cannot exceed 300x400 mm.
c) Every participant can submit 3 works on each category.
d) Works submitted on Editorial Illustration must be followed by the original publication showing the date of publication.
e) Deadline: September 1st, 2007
3. catalogue
a) All participants selected for the catalogue will receive one copy.
4. prizes
a) R$ 6.000 (approximately US$ 3,100) for the winner of each category.
5. submission
a) All works must be sent to: fihq2007@acape.org.br
Home page: http://acape.org.br/fihq2007
b) Original works and copies of the publications for Editorial Illustration must be sent to:
FIHQ-PE 2007 Rua da Assembléia, 67, sala 62 A, Edf. Sao Gabriel, Recife Antigo 50030-130 Recife - PE - Brasil

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