RIDEP 2008

Editorial Cartoon International Meeting in Carquefou 2008
RIDEP 2008
The central theme 2008 is China.
The festival of political, satirical and humorous cartoons will be opened to the public on the 18th, 19th and 20th January 2008.
There is no admission fee: the festival is completely free.
Our demand to the FECO’s cartoonists is to draw some cartoons about China. These cartoons will be gathered as an exhibition during our festival and also on our website. It’s not a contest.
You and your fellow members can send us cartoons until September 2007 to: communication@mairie-carquefou.fr You'll just have to mention your name and your country.
You can see the last edition of our festival on: www.carquefou.fr/ridep/

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