Diògenes Taborda Salon 2008

Basis 13th Diògenes Taborda Salon 2008
Can participate: painters, photographers, printers, humorists, etc.
Theme: free.
Format: 40 cm x 30 cm only on paper, cardboard, cloth.
Jury: Integrated by critics of art residing in Mercosur.
Deliveries: the art will be personally presented or sent in a sealed envelope (no framing, not paspartu) to the Volpe Stessens Cultural Foundation, Caseros 2739, CP 1246, Buenos Aires, Argentina, until August the first 2008.
Prizes: 1st, 2nd, 3rd and one mention will be awarded in the following categories: Graphic humor/illustration/painting/digital art/popular naïf art/drawing/photography (monochrome or color up to 6 per artist).
36 works of art: 8 paintings, 8 sculptures, 8 engravings, 8 drawings from great masters of painting from Mercosur will be awarded valuated in 5000 US dollars.
Cost: 50 US dollars will be charged to participant artist to pay edition of brochure, packing/transportation in returning works, send fee by Foundation Cultural Volpe Stessens, cuenta corriente Bank Frances Nº 012-009379-9 - Buenos Aires – Sucursal Parque Patricios /Jorge Volpe DNI 12087670, Caseros 2739, CP 1246. In case of not sending the money asked works will be considered a donation to the Volpe Stessens Foundation to become a part of the acerbity of the Itimuseum / Diògenes Taborda Museum / Paillet Museum or to be given away to some public welfare institution..
Volpe Stessens Cultural Foundation will care for good preserving of consignees works, but will not be responsible for theft, loss or breaking of them. When participating in these salons Volpe Stessens Cultural Foundation is authorized to reproduce images of the exposing works on books, magazines, newspapers or any place where Jorge Volpe considers convenient for the best diffusion and promotion of the prizes. Looking forward to counting with your participation and spreading of this information to achieve the best realization of these three salons, cordially greet you, Jorge Volpe, director of the Volpe Stessens Cultural Foundation.
Press: diogenestaborda@gmail.com / http://www.volpestessens.org.ar/ / http://www.museodiogenestaborda.blogspot.com/

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