International Cartoon Festival Franzensbad 2017, Czechia

International Cartoon Festival Franzensbad 2017, Czechia
Compulsory Subjects:
1) C. K. Austro – Hungarian Monarchy
2) Protection of Endangered Animals (patronage from CITES)
* The Author is obligated to deliver his cartoons on all subjects
* Total number of cartoons per author: at least 3 pieces, maximum 5 pieces
* Cartoons on anything other than the compulsory subjects will not be accepted
* A cartoon must not have won an appraisal at previous competitions
* Cartoons without words are not a requirement, but they have an advantage
* Cartoons should only be sent electronically to: mfkh@email.cz
* The technical parameters should be as follows: at least 300 DPI; JPG, PNG, or PDF format
* The cartoons must be delivered to the above e-mail on April 30th, 2017 at the latest
* By sending their cartoons, the author agrees with the following:
a) The organizer can use the cartoons for the promotional purposes of this International Festival of Cartoons (MFKH)
b) The cartoons will be used in the humorous magazine, Tapír
* The author must fill in a binding Application Form and send it to the following e-mail address: mfkh@email.cz
The Application Form is a part of the Rules and Regulations (See below)
1. Prize money: Winner 15.000 CZK
2. Runner-up 10.000 CZK
3. Second runner-up 5.000 CZK
Application Form on source: http://zlatytapir.cz/?page_id=319 .

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