Fantastic Cities: International Calicomix Call 2017, Colombia

We invite you to capture cities of the future, the past or cities with no time, visualizing happy or terrible places, with critical proposal, apocalyptic or waste of beauty and imagery.
The call includes a special category of work pieces, of great cities illustrated for children.
You can send up to 5 work pieces in digital format at a resolution of 300 dpi, in files with 1.0 mega minimum and 8.0 maximum mega, in whatever technique such as color or black and white, including manual process, digital or mixed.
You can participate with unpublished work or published.
The call is opened to artist of any age, sex or nationality.
The best work pieces participating will receive award Calicomix and certificates of selection in the sample to be held in the Dome in the Biblioteca Departamental Jorge Garcés city of Cali, Colombia, on April 2017.
All the work pieces participating will be published in the international memorial event of Calicomix 2017 and will circulate through all social media in a digital magazine on June 2017.
Each participating author Calicomix Foundation authorizes the publication in different media, of every work piece, released with his name and nationality.
The Call will be opened until February 18th 2017.
Work pieces will be sent to calicomix@gmail.com indicating the author’s name, title of the work piece, nationality and date of completion.
WEB: http://calicomix.com.co/ .
Source: FB .

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