23rd International Biennial of Humour and Satire in Art, Gabrovo 2017, Bulgaria

23rd International Biennial of Humour and Satire in Art
19th May – 30th September 2017, Gabrovo
The 23rd International Biennial of Humour and Satire in Art is comprised of a competition and a curated exhibition. The competition is held in two sections: cartoons and contemporary art.
1. Organizers
Museum House of Humour and Satire, Gabrovo Municipality and the Ministry of Culture of the Republic of Bulgaria. The Organizing Committee is chaired by the Mayor of Gabrovo.
2. Opening
19th May 2017, 7.00 p.m. at the Museum House of Humour and Satire, Gabrovo
3. Theme: Laughing in the Face of…
fear, crises, adversity, the status quo – artists are invited to complete the phrase and make a statement by addressing the present day and its social, economic, political, cultural and daily problems and challenges.
Eligible for the contemporary art section of the competition are works of art executed in any technique and media (painting, sculpture, photography, printmaking, drawing, poster, installation, video, and others).
Golden Aesop Prize – a statuette and 5 000 BGN (appr. 2 550 euro)
Gascar Prize of the town of Gabrovo awarded to a young artist (up to 40 yrs.) – a statuette and 3 000 BGN (appr. 1 530 euro)
Special prize given by Skalni Materiali JS Co-Rousse – 3 000 BGN (appr. 1 530 euro)
The cartoons competition section includes the following categories:
Cartoons (original works signed by the artists and digital works, up to A3 size)
Animated cartoons (gif and flash)
Printed cartoon publications (albums, catalogues, artists’ books)
Grand Prix – 3 000 BGN (appr. 1 530 euro)
Prize for cartoon (hand-signed originals and digital drawings) – 2 000 BGN (appr. 1 020 euro)
Prize for animated cartoon (gif and flash formats) – 2 000 BGN (appr. 1 020 euro)
Prize for printed cartoon publication – 1 000 BGN (appr. 510 euro).
The prizewinning works remain in the Humour of the Peoples art collection of the Museum House of Humour and Satire.
The organizers kindly invite all artists to visit Gabrovo on 19th May 2017 for the opening of the Biennial exhibition and join in the Gabrovo carnival.
General Entry Rules
1. The competition is open to all artists who accept the conditions of entry. Each artist may enter no more than two works in a section.
2. Application procedure:
In order to apply, artists complete an online entry-form; depending on the type and media, each work may be visually represented with:
* up to 3 images each one of which should not be larger than 4 MB, jpg or png format (your images are best represented at 1000px on the longest side and a resolution of 72ppi)
* video that can be watched online at a URL provided by the artist in the entry form
* animated cartoons (gif and flash) with duration of up to 25 seconds (provided through a URL or file upload)
The selection of the works is made online by an international jury.
Artists with selected works send the originals by post within the indicated deadline.
Print cartoon publications are sent directly by post – no online submission is necessary.
3. Important dates:
* 12th March 2017, midnight Bulgarian time (GMT+2) – closing date for applications
* 24th March – the selected works are published on the website
* 27th March – 22nd April – the original works are to be received at the following address:
68, Bryanska Str., P.O.B. 104
5300 Gabrovo
4. Artists whose works are not selected to be shown in the competition exhibition will not be personally notified.
5. The Museum House of Humour and Satire will be pleased to accept donations. Artists are requested to state their will as donors (provided their works are selected to be shown in the competition exhibition) in the entry form. The donated works become part of the museum collection.
6. Artists who wish to have their works returned should indicate it in the entry form. Works will be sent back from 1st October until 30th November 2017 at the artists’ expense by post or express services to an address indicated by them. Artists may personally collect their works within the same deadline at the Museum. The Museum bears no responsibility for the storage of the unclaimed works after 30th November 2017.
7. All works should be sent by post or express services with PRINTED MATTER and NO COMMERCIAL VALUE noted on the package.
8. Artists should cover the transport costs franco Gabrovo. The organizers will not collect packages sent to other destinations. All customs dues and landing charges payable upon the receipt and the return of the works should be covered by the artists who will be personally notified of the exact amount.
9. The cash prizes are subject to taxation in conformity with Bulgarian law. The prizes can be received no later than 31st December 2017.
10. The Museum guarantees the safety of the works from the date of receipt to the date of return assuming no responsibility for damage or loss during transit. It is recommended that the works should be insured in advance.
11. With regard to the Biennial exhibition, the Museum reserves the right to reproduce the works on display and have them printed in its and other publications, as well as on the Biennial website.
12. The organizers guarantee that the artists’ personal data shall be processed as it is stipulated in the Personal Data Protection Act in force in the Republic of Bulgaria now.
13. The conditions of entry are contractually binding. By submitting works to the competition artists agree to the terms of this contract.
Source: biennial.humorhouse.

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