ORGANISERS: The Czech Union of Cartoonists (FECO, Czech Republic) in cooperation with the Statutory City of Hradec Králové
The Competition Theme for 2014: Wheel – The Invention that moved the World
Number of entries: max. 3 works in the A4 format.
Cartoons for the competition will be submitted in data files, JPG format, 300 DPI and maximum size of 1,5 MB. The works that have been awarded in the past cannot be accepted.
To see the homepage of the competition, please go to: www.humorest.cz To join the competition, you have to fill the application form on the website and attach your cartoons in the above specified format. The cartoons will automatically be named in a prescribed manner on reception of the application form and the receipt of your cartoons will be confirmed by e-mail.
The selected cartoons will be exhibited in the Central Library at the Museum of East Bohemia in Hradec Králové, Wonkova Street 1262/1a.
The best cartoons will be featured in the catalogue that will be sent for free to all selected authors. The others may order the catalogue at price of 10 € by mailing to: info@humorest.cz.
The catalogue will be published in PDF format too and available for download at the homepage www.humorest.cz after October 2, 2014, which is the the day of the opening ceremony.
Grand Prix: a sculpture with 20.000 Kč
First Prize: a sculpture with 15.000 Kč
Second Prize: a sculpture with 12.000 Kč
Third Prize: a sculpture with 8.000 Kč
The Prize of the Jury for 3 works: a sculpture with 5.000 Kč
The Material Award of the City Mayor.
Time schedule of the Competition:
Announcement: March 2014
Deadline for submitting entries: May 15, 2014
Jury Sitting: June 6, 2014
Award Ceremenony and Exhibition Opening Party: October 2, 2014
The duration of the exhibiton: until November 21, 2014.
All participants agree that their works may be used by the organisers for promotion of the Humorest 2014, published in the catalogue, in the media and on the Humorest homepage or at any other website providing information about cartoons. All participants waive those rights without claiming any payment.
The authors accept these entry conditions by submitting their cartoons into the competition.
The guests who would take part in the opening and award ceremony can request accommodation until September 10, 2014, by mailing to: lubomir.lichy@seznam.cz
For the organisation committee:
Lubomír Lichý , Břetislav Kovařík a Jiří Novák
The Czech Union of Cartoonists and FECO, Czech Republic.

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