Results International Cartoon Humour Competition Brain Sneezing 2012, Slovakia

Results Brain Sneezing
Theme 2012: BALANCE
The Jury, on the 18th – 19th October 2012 evaluated
all the submitted humour cartoons and agreed on the winners:
First Prize : Bobisa TODOROVIC, Serbia (Top)
Second Prize : Sergej ELKIN , Russian Federation
Third Prize : Doru AXINTE , Romania
Honorary prizes :
Husain CAKMAK, Cyprus
Jurij KOSOBUKIN, Ukraine
Audience Prizes :
Bobo PERNECKÝ, Slovakia
Ivailo TSVETKOV, Bulgaria
Descheemaeker LUC, Belgium
Mahmood NAZARI, Iran
Special Prize given by online magazine e-GAG: Roman KUBEC, Czech Republic.
See all prize-winning cartoons on http://www.cartooneast.com/category/index/item_id/369 .

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