1st International Izmir Cartoon Contest 2013, Turkey

1-PURPOSE: In 2012, İzmir Konak Municipality founded the Museum of Joy and Caricature with the aim of emphasizing the “peaceful”, that is, the “connective” power of humor as much as its “criticizing” power and creating an enjoyable culture environment.
“The 1st International Contest of Caricature on İzmir” was organized with the purpose of contributing to the development of İzmir in terms of tourism by asking the question “What does İzmir evoke in you from the perspective of a caricaturist?”.
2-SUBJECT: The subject of the contest is İzmir. Artists wishing to participate in the contest must handle and visualize at least one of İzmir’s actual or historical elements in a concrete or suggestive manner with humor.
3.1- Caricaturists from all over the world – professional as well as amateur – can participate in the contest. There is no age limitation.
3.2- Caricaturists can participate with previously published works or works with which they participated in other contests before but did not receive any reward. Works must be constructed upon the artist’s original idea. The selection committee shall omit works which it decides to be imitation, stolen or over-inspiration. Author of any work which received an award but was later detected to have such flaws shall be the sole addressee of copyright problems which might arise and accepts in advance to return the award he/she obtained.
3.3-Each participant can participate in the contest with maximum three caricatures.
3.4-Works participating in the contest shall not be returned but shall be added to the collection of the Museum of Joy and Caricature. Works which receive awards can be used by Konak Municipality in posters, brochures and all kinds of promotional materials with cultural purposes.
3.5-Those from among the caricatures participating in the contest which are deemed as worthy to be exhibited shall be exhibited and included in the album to be formed. Owners of the caricatures that are exhibited will be sent an album and a certificate of participation.
3.6-Artists participating in the contest are deemed to have accepted the terms above.
4-SIZE OF THE WORKS: Drawing technique for the works to be sent to the contest is free and works can be colored or black and white. Sending the original copy of the works will be an advantage. Digital prints will also be evaluated as long as they bear original signature. In both cases, works should not be affixed to another surface. The size of the caricatures must be minimum A4(210x297 mm) and maximum A3(297x420 mm).
5-LABELING THE WORKS: On the back of the works, the artist’s name, surname, telephone number, internet and postal address shall be written. The artist’s photograph not smaller that 6x9 cm and a short life story shall be included in the envelope. Participants younger than age 18 who are citizens of the T.R. shall include their date of birth, T.R. identification numbers and signature of their legal guardian stating that they accept the terms of the contest.
6-SENDING THE WORKS: The works must be delivered to the related address by 02.04.2013 by post or by cargo or by hand against receipt. Works which are damaged before being delivered shall not be accepted.
7-PLACE OF DELIVERY: İzmir Konak Municipality Museum of Joy and Caricature
Address: Yüzbaşı Şerafettin Bey Sk. (Eski 1462 Sk) No : 9 Alsancak / izmir / TURKEY
Contact No: +90 (232) 465 31 05, info@izmirneselimuze.com
Doğan HIZLAN (Journalist- Writer)
Rıfat MUTLU (Caricaturist-: Association of Caricaturists İzmir Representative)
Niyazi YOLTAŞ (Caricaturist)
Tan ORAL (Caricaturist)
Eray ÖZBEK (Member of Museum Executive Board- Caricaturist)
İzel ROZENTAL (Caricaturist)
Mehmet ASLAN (Painter- Caricaturist)
Cemalettin GÜZELOĞLU (Caricaturist)
Dilek MAKTAL CANKO (Museum Coordinator)
Dr. Hakan TARTAN - Mayor of Konak
Veli ŞAKIR - Deputy Mayor of Konak
Bahar AKDOĞAN ŞENGİL - Library Manager.
Final Date of Participation : 02.04.2013
Meeting of the Selection Committee : 14.04.2013
Announcement Date of Final Results : 25.04.2013
The Selection Committee shall announce the works selected on the websites www.izmirneselimuze.com & www.konak.bel.tr and and notify participates from their e-mail addresses. Results will be finalized in ten days and announced on the internet and via the media.
First Prize : 10.000.- TL,
Second Prize : 6.000.- TL,
Third Prize : 4.000.- TL,
2 Honorable Mentions : 2.000.- TL.
Contest Responsible: Özge AKSOY
Address: Konak Municipality Library Directorate
Milli Kütüphane Cd. No:14 SSK Blokları Blok Kat:6 Konak İZMİR
0 (232) 482 10 35 / 7558-7559-7457-7537
Electronic Web: www.konak.bel.tr

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