The Fashions of Plagiarism - Alessandro Gatto

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After the recent similarities and coincidences between some cartoons of Alessandro Gatto, which both were sent by Louis Postruzin and published in our website: http://www.tabrizcartoons.com/en/detail.asp?ID=684 and http://www.tabrizcartoons.com/en/detail.asp?ID=680, Alessandro wrote a letter to Louis and emailed Rahim to publish his letter. Below comes his precious letter.
Dear Louis Postruzin,
I don't know you and I don't understand why you sent me this message about "plagiarism".
I have often seen the same idea being realized by artists who had never met before. I have even seen a lot of my own ideas (ideas which I had never published nor sent to competitions) being realized by other artists. I have seen cartoonists winning a competition with the same idea I had had (and I have seen my own cartoon being rejected because of an imperfect technique).
We are all part of the same world, we all experience the same emotions, we all read the same books, hear the same news, use the same things, share the same symbols ... we all live and die. It is quite normal, I believe, that we may have similar thoughts as well.
Lately, I think, it has become fashionable to hunt for "plagiarism". Are we really sure that it is always "plagiarism"? Shouldn't we consider the possibility of a "coincidence"? Without any firm evidence, isn't there a risk of throwing mud to honest people? Why can't we ask for the author's reasons before publishing a "scoop"?
I know the problem exists and I know that it is difficult to find a solution: our first judge is our own conscience. However, I would like to ask these "hunters" to be more careful, because they run the risk of hurting other people!
And a last thought: I would never ever "copy" somebody else's idea. I have no need for that. I would rather change my job!
About the cartoon "Elderly People", I would like you to know my source of inspiration: "The Alzheimer patient is like a book that loses a page every day. In the end only the cover will be left." Elie Wiesel
Alessandro Gatto

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