China Olympic Cartoon December 2007 winners

The winners of the 1st International China Olympic Cartoon Competition Monthly Prize - December 2007 are announced as follows:

A) Olympic section -Winning Prize - Jin Hui (China) (See above)

B) Free section - Winning Prize - Askin Ayrancioglu (Turkey) (See above)
C) Special prize for caricature - Wang Shanjia (China)

D) Special prize of Jury - Leng Mu (China) (See above)
D) Special prize of Jury - Liu Hong (China)
E) Special prize for children - Wu Peikun (China)
Honourable Prize - Cai Weidong (China)
Honourable Prize - Chen Chudian (Singapore)

Honourable Prize - Dalcio Machado (Brazil) (See above)
See all prize-winning cartoons at: http://www.cartooncn.org/enmprize.asp?pid=16

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