Results of the 5th International "Smiling Cat" Cartoon Web Contest 2012

Results of the 5th International "Smiling Cat" Cartoon Web Contest 2012, Azerbaijan
THEME: 1) Cartoon: Jury
Golden Cat Prize: Trophy+Diploma: Tsocho PEEV - Bulgaria
Silver Cat Prize: Trophy+Diploma: Nekra - Kosova
Bronze Cat Prize: Trophy+Diploma: Oguz Gurel - Turkey
Honorable Mention: Valentin Georgiev - Bulgaria
Honorable Mention: Ahmet Ozturklevent - Turkey
Encouragement award: Mohammad Akbari - Iran
Special Prize of "Don Quichotte": Darko Drljevic - Montenegro
Special Prize of "Humor" Cartoon Magazine: Clayton Rabelo – Brasil.
THEME: 2) Caricature: World cartoonists
Golden Cat Prize: Trophy+Diploma: Alireza PAKDEL - Iran (Angel Boligan)
Silver Cat Prize: Trophy+Diploma: GUAICO - Colombia (Massoud S. Tabatabai)
Bronze Cat Prize: Trophy+Diploma: Marco DAgostino - Italy (Ronald Searle)
Honorable Mention: Walter Toscano - Peru (Omar F. Turcios)
Honorable Mention: Pablo Lopez - Uruguay (Picasso)
Encouragement award: Hülya Erşahin - Turkey (Ronald Searle) (See top)
Special Prize of "Cartoon News Center": Nicola Jennings - England (Seyran Caferli).
All prize-winning cartoons on source: http://www.cartooncenter.net/the_results_SC_2012.htm .

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