La Ghignata 2012: XVIII International Exhibition of Satire, Humor and Comics


Event organized by Fondazione Franco Fossati, in collaboration with Comune of Monza - Town Hall of Monza City.
From Saturday the 10th to Sunday the 25th November 2012 the exhibition site of Galleria Civica of Monza will host GHIGNATA IN PINK “THE WOMAN” featuring works from Italian and International artists.
The theme for this year 2012 is The WOMAN.
The annual appointment of "LA GHIGNATA" has reached the eighteenth edition, collecting both national and international appreciations, in previous editions were faced great topics and big issues of EXPO 2015 such as food, energy, transport and school, trying to stir up reflections, thoughts and comparisons with different realities, with the collaboration of authors from all around the world by means of their drawings. This feature has always attached great importance to the festival, as a way to point attention on major issues, often controversial, definitely serious, but using a "weapon" as the humor which becomes a kind of direct, popular and global language.
This year “LA GHIGNATA” is tinged in rose, facing the female universe crosswise its thousand of facets, hosts and protagonists will be the authoresses from all the world, deliberately free to express a different view about equality, family, violence, love, and so on, through their drawings and a female sense of humor.
At the beginning of the third millennium conditions and life of women idolized or murdered pass from the highest positions of political and economic power to slavery, and in the middle of these opposite poles a universe of diatribes, conflicts, victories or lost in which women, mothers, daughters or lovers are the main characters.
Always satellites of male chauvinist and victims of machismo, denied of their own light, but able to brighten the most dark scenery. Strong, tenacious, sweet and sensitive, when women express themselves in all fields of art allows the overflow of all their passion, wit and intelligence. With these premises LA GHIGNATA will be definitely a special edition, full of expectation and critical contents.
Luigi F. Bona, Fondazione Franco Fossati - President
Liviano Riva, Creator and Editor - La Ghignata.
• Artists can send up to 4 works, which will then be judged and chosen for the exhibition.
• The deadline for the submission of the works is the 30th of July 2012, so to allow enough time for the creation of the exhibition catalogue and its effective advertising plan.
• All the images need to be submitted electronically (300 DPI min., HiRes JPG) to both these addresses:
la.ghignata@livianoriva.it e fondazione@francofossati.eu .
• By participating to “La Ghignata” artists will implicitly agree to give their consent to exhibit their work at the exhibition and to reproduce it for the relevant catalogue. The reproduction of the work(s) will be part of the road show held by Fondazione Franco Fossati; no commercial use of the works will be allowed without the artists’ authorisation.
Artists are kindly required to fill and send the below entry form via email.
Please write EXPO GHIGNATA 2012 as the subject of your email.
For further info:
Melina Gatto (Head of International Relations & Exhibitions)
Mobil phone 389 1650276 e-mail melina.gatto@museowow.it
Liviano Riva (Director)
Mobil phone 338 6798441 e-mail: liviano@rivaliviano.it .
Entry-form on source: ecc-kruishoutem .

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