Received CD-catalog: Hymettos Cartoon Exhibition 2010: Global Financial Crisis

Received today the CD-catalog of the 1st International Cartoon Exhibition in Hymettos, Greece 2010. And two sendings arrived at the same time: both addressed to my P.O.B. yet one is for a friend cartoonist, Nuri Bilgin, possibly because his address not found or by some mistake. I should make a trip to Asia from Europe here to hand on the friend his CD or meet him sometime at the Association of Cartoonists.
What is more, there are two CD's in my envelope. Everything is doubled! Many thanks Giannis Geroulias (I can remember him the organiser of the exhibit).
Well, the CD is full of very interesting cartoons both from the home country and abroad but the Powerpoint program, the slide show, etc. I am no good at copying images from. So, just put down here my contribution only.

P.S.: They are organising the exhibition this year too, with another theme of course, until September 10 to e-mail images, shall I report the regulation soon.

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