Results 1st International Competition ‘Cartoonist without borders’ 2011

Results of the 1st International Competition ‘Cartoonist without borders’ 2011, Istanbul - Turkey announced on 23 April 2011:
Organized by http://www.duyabilirsin.com/, the competition received about 750 works from 20 countries. The prize-giving ceremony will be held in the Week of the Disabled, 10-16 May 2011, with the opening of the exhibition. The exact time and place to be informed on the website.
The selected cartoons with the prize-winning ones to be displayed soon at the special website http://www.engeltanimayankarikaturler.com/ .

Burhanettin Ardagil, Muhittin Köroğlu, Hicabi Demirci, Kemal Özyurt, Metin Övün, Nevin Yıldız.
First Prize: Murat Sarı / Turkey (see top above)
Second Prize: Samira Barati / Iran (See above)
Third Prize: Mehmet Kahraman / Turkey (See below)
4 (Equal) Mentions:
Rumen Dragostinov / Bulgaria, Konstantin Kazanchev / Ukraine, Murat Gök / Turkey, Kürşat Zaman / Turkey.
Jury Prizes of Encouragement (to young cartoonists):
Zhang A He / China, Selim Tanrıseven / Turkey.
List of participants at source: duyabilirsin.com .

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