Theme in 7th International KARPIK 2009: Fish, fishermen, fishing, anglers

VII International Cartoon Contest-KARPIK 2009
Competition rules:

Each author can send at maximum 2 original work.
The formats of the works should not exceed the A-4.
Each work should be signed on the reverse and bear the author’s full address.
Theme: “Fish, fishermen, fishing, anglers”
The following prizes have been established:
• 1st prize of 2.500 PLN
• 2nd x 2 prize of 1.500 PLN.
The works must arrive by 30 September 2009 !
After the exsposition, illustrations become the property of organizer and may be used for promotion purposes.
The winners as well as cartoonists qualified to participate in the post-competition exhibition shall be provided with a free copy of a catalogue published by organizers. Send your work to the following address:
OŚRODEK KULTURY [KARPIK 2009] ul. Mikołaja Reja 1 49-100 Niemodlin POLSKA

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