Letter from Andrey Feldshteyn on cartoon similarity, winners and prizes

The following letter from Andrey Feldshteyn is sent on February 23, 2009:
Recent events in the Cartoon Contest World left many cartoon fans unhappy and disappointed. We became witnesses of the growing number of cartoon similarities, prize cancelations, mutual accusations, suspicion etc.
Fortunately we are all united in understanding that the artists should not spend their energy and emotions for squabbles and quarrels, we see a better destiny for creative minds. That is why it is easier for us to build a comfortable and friendly competition environment, where everybody is treated with proper respect and etiquette.
There is a simple mechanics allowing us to avoid embarrassing situations, this technique was offered by the Don Quichotte humor magazine in 2007. We are talking about public prescreening of a certain number of best chosen cartoons (10-20). Placing these drawings on any site, announced in the Rules and Regulation, will allow the cartoonists’ community to discuss their originality. This will help the Jury to choose only original and new ideas.
We are also convinced that comparing the dates of the first publication (web site, newspaper, cartoon contest, etc) is the best way to establish the priority of the author.
The additional recommendation is to use the following point in the typical set of Contest Rules and Regulation: “The decision of the Jury is final and is not subject to an appeal.” Then we will avoid cases, which are painful for both: the artist and the jury.
Andrey Feldshteyn
On behalf of the International Cartoonists’ Club CARTUNION

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