Theme in 12th Festival Humorgrafico: Without H2O there's nothing to laugh

Dear Friends: after few absence months (due to our old server and provider), we come back in a simple way with our new website, where we can tell you about our last realized events and we invite you to participate to the the next 12th Graphic-Itinerant Humour International Festival. Always being at your back and call, we brotherly salute you.
Julio Lubetkin, Graphic-Itinerant Humour International Festival Director.
Regulations & Entry-form: http://www.festivalhumorgrafico.eu/download/convocation.pdf
Blog: http://www.festivalhumorgrafico.blogspot.com/
12th International Graphic-Itinerant Humor Festival
Theme: Without H2O there's nothing to laugh.
Opened to all the professional cartoonist. The works must be send accompanied by an author schedule (name, address, country, photo or author's caricature).
Dimension : CM 20 x CM 30 - CM 30 x CM 40.
Quantity : Maximum three paintings.
1) The authors will have to POINT IN THE BACK of their paintings if they desire to participate inside the competition or outside of it.
2) Every author will be able to send no more than three works totally.
3) This edition will look ahead to receive one paint maximum each author by e-mail to smilefestival@libero.it or smilefestival2@yahoo.it in jpg format at 300 dpi.
4) A jury formed by painters, journalists and field personalities will chose the five best drawings presented. Each one of the five most voted drawings will receive:
A) First prize "Humorist Cause "with a silver plate.
B) Second, Third, Fourth and Fifth Prize a silver plate “Humorist Cause " of the International Festival. The Choice of the prized works will take place after the last day of the presentation of the "12th International Graphic-Itinerant Humor Festival" edition 2009.
5) The Festival direction, after the last poll will indicate the result on the festival websites http://www.festivalhumourgrafico.com/ and http://www.festivalhumorgrafico.eu/ .
6) The cultural association "Lo Scrigno Dell'Arte" and the Festival artistic director will select the exposition drawings considering the choice realized by the panel and they will select the drawings for the exposition. The chosen authors will receive one copy of the biennal catalogue at the end of the manifestation.
7) Each author is in charge of his own works' content, included the copyright of the authors themselves for what concerns titles, images and texts.
8) The Festival doesn't take any responsibilities for any possible damages during the mailing of works and for the mailing of the "Humorist Cause" prize.
9) The Festival will reserve itself the right to expose the drawings and to publish them on the catalogues or in articles concerning the Festival.
10) At the end of the Festival the works won't be given back and they'll become part of the International Graphic Humor Festival permanent museum archive that will open again in 2010 and they could be used for further expositions in Italy and in other countries.
11) The Festival website will inform you with news and images about the 12th Itinerant Festival at concluded manifestation.
12) The participation at the exhibition entails the integral acceptation of the present regulation.
Expiry date: Saturday, 30th May 2009
The launch preview of the exposition: June 2009
Itinerant exposition: July - December 2009
The works must be send at:
11th International Itinerant Graphic Humor Festival P.O. Box 52, 00045 Genzano di Roma, Roma - ITALY
E-mail: festival@virgilio.it Website: http://www.festivalhumorgrafico.eu/

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