"Low Creativity and High Similarity" by Márcio Leite

Low Criativity and High Similarity
One more similar cartoon is a winner in a traditional contest. It happened in Turkey, in Aydin Dogan. The rewarding of ideas that are not unknown is repeating all over the world and getting more and more frequent. This prejudices the quality of the event, taking the space of participants that send creative and never seen before cartoons, and that could win properly the prizes, including honorable mentions. The cartoonists that decide to join a competitive exhibition should be not only a good drawer or have a good idea, but be, above all, an ethic person and a good researcher. He should know about the results and about the catalogs of contests that are happening. Brazilcartoon bets on the Rahim’s excellent idea of the creation of the committee so the ethic is above humor in competitive exhibitions.
Brazilcartoon is democratic and impartial, therefore we will notify similarity and plagiarism cases, and also give the right of answer to those artists involved.
Márcio Leite
Director of Brazilcartoon

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