Derambakhsh’s “Symphony of Lines” to ring out soon

Derambakhsh’s “Symphony of Lines” to ring out in cartoon world
TEHRAN, June 9 (MNA) -- Two new cartoon collections created by Iranian artist Kambiz Derambakhsh entitled “The Symphony of Lines” and “Olympics of Laughter” will be published in the near future.
In “Olympics of Laughter”, Derambakhsh drew cartoons on the theme of sports with thoughtful imagination.
He created a harmony by drawing cartoons of musical instruments in his collection “The Symphony of Lines”.
The collections are in black and white. He usually uses simple black lines in his cartoons, rarely employing color, captions, or titles. “While I can speak through simple lines, I do not need colors to communicate,” he told the Mehr News Agency on Sunday.
“The Symphony of Lines” is comprised of a selection of artworks published in the foreign press over the past 25 years, he added.
He went on to say that his cartoons are in a simple international language.
Derambakhsh, who is known for his ability to find obscure themes for his works, has worked as a cartoonist, a graphic designer, and an illustrator for 49 years.
Derambakhsh, 65, has won many awards at international competitions including the grand prize at an Istanbul competition in 1990, the grand prize at Japan’s Yomiuri Shimbun competition in 1998, the grand prize of a contest in Sao Paulo, Brazil in 1998, and the grand prize of a Polish anti-war caricature contest in 2002.

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