Rose al-youssef Gate: Call to action to combat climate change 2022, Egypt

Big Greeting from Egypt to All of You
Rose al-youssef Gate 
The news portal of one of the oldest and most famous press institutions in Egypt and the Middle East, and the cradle of the art of caricature in the land of the pharaohs. 
Which carried the banner of creativity, enlightenment and political struggle since its inception and its first launch a hundred years ago. 
Here we present our second initiative and launch a new call to action to combat climate change. 
All the cartoonists and talented youth around the world are invited to use their paintings and drawings to raise awareness of the issue of climate change and its causes and negative repercussions on the life and future of humanity, so that everyone takes their responsibilities to reduce harmful emissions. 
Besides, human solidarity is required to alleviate the suffering caused by disasters caused by climate change, such as fires, floods, and droughts, which necessitates combining efforts and exchanging information technology to find successful solutions to this crisis. 
Kindly, send all your details and caricatures to the following E-mail or WhatsApp: 
WhatsApp: (+20)01099934770 
We Look Forward to your creativity as usual. 
It is allowed to participate through the paintings that have been published. 
Editor-in-Chief: Ayman Abd El-Maguid

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