Results of Equal Rights and Gender Equality International Cartoon Contest 2019-2020

We have decided to award most voted cartoons. This year will be awarded 5 to 10 votes winners.
First Prize: Hilal Özcan, Turkey (10 votes)
Second Prize: Shahrokh Heidari, Iran (9 votes)
Third Prize: Mohammad Hosein Akbari. Iran (8 votes)
Honorable Mention Award
Mojtaba Heidarpanah, Iran (7 votes)
Hamza Akin, Turkey (6 votes)
Doru Axinte, Romania (6 votes)
Kfir Weizman, Israel (6 votes)
Aleksei Kivokurtcev, Russia (6 votes)
Budi Hari Pujiono, Indonesia (6 votes)
Jitet Kustana, Indonesia (6 votes)
Gustavo Fernando Caballero Talavera, Mexico (6 votes)
Special Mention Award
Halit Kurtulmus, Turkey (5 votes)
Muammer Olcay, Turkey (5 votes)
Stefaan Provijn, Belgium (5 votes)
Arend van Dam, Netherlands (5 votes)
Neltair Abreu, Brazil (5 votes)
Oleksy Kustovsky, Ukraine (5 votes)
Serpil Kar, Turkey (5 votes)
Nahid Maghsoudi. Iran (5 votes)
Morhaf Youssef, Syria (5 votes)
Marziyeh Khanizadeh, Iran (5 votes)
Wilber Chavarria Centeno, Nicaragua (5 votes)
Niels Bo Bojesen, Denmark (5 votes)
Silvano Mello, Brazil (5 votes)
Sepideh Faramarzi, Iran (5 votes).
The first prize is NOK 5 000, or 5 000 PTS and a certificate.
The second prize is NOK 3 000, or 3 000 PTS and a certificate.
The third prize is NOK 2 000, or 2 000 PTS and a certificate.
Each Honorable and special mention award winners will receive a certificate.
Note: The winners have been selected by jury votes. The voting was open for the jury from 10 to 19 January 2020.
The main exhibition will be held on the Norwegian Cartoonist Gallery, Drøbak, Norway. Winners' names will be announced during the opening on Saturday, January 25, at 12:00. The exhibition will open by Shabana Rehman. The exhibition opening will live broadcast on Toons Mag's Facebook Page.
Selected cartoon contributors' names.
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