Received the color catalog of the 7th SICACO 2018 from Korea

Received today the color catalog of the 7th Sejong International Cartoon Contest (SICACO) 2018 from Korea with my Best Cartoon Prize certificate. Many thanks to Dr Cheong San Lim, the President of the Sejong International Cartoon Institute, and the members of the Selection Committees.
The classical A4 sized (21x29.7 cm) catalog has 104 pages full of far more cartoons that it certainly deserves the title "World Cartoons Encyclopedia Vol.27". The cover cartoon depicting the four seasons is by the Croatian artist Marijan Pavecic.
This edition received 1588 works by 482 entrants from 57 countries of whom 317 are prized. 57 entrants are students. 34 artists sent in 83 works by e-mail, yet digitoons are not prized. The most entrants from Korea (128) are followed by 33 artists from Serbia, 30 cartoonists from Turkey, 24 from Iran, and 21 entrants from Indonesia.
From Turkey they received 134 works and 19 artists are prized:
Gold Prize: Recep Bayramoğlu.
Student Special Prize: Aziz Göveli (12 y), Songül Sep (14 y).
Student Honorable Mention: Yusuf Mert Ertürk (10 y).
Theme Prize: Hicabi Demirci, Mete Ağaoğlu, Kamil Yavuz, Ömer Çam.
Best Cartoon Prize: Musa Gümüş, Aşkın Ayrancıoğlu, Musa Keklik, Erdoğan Başol, Ercan Baysal, Kemal Özyurt, Bülent Okutan.
Honorable Mention: İsmet Lokman, Kaan Saatçi, Ferhat Demirbaş, Zülküf Aba.

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