Call to participate in the XIII edition of Festival dell'Economia in Trento 2018, Italy

Dear artist friends,
Like every year the Studio d'Arte Andromeda was invited to participate the XIII edition of Festival dell'Economia in Trento from May 31st to June 3rd 2018.
This year theme: TECHNOLOGY and JOBS
For more details on the theme: https://2018.festivaleconomia.eu/home
Our organization will create a satiric humor space where visitors will have a different perspective on this theme, discussed by international characters coming from areas such as economy, politics, press.... etc.
There will be a constant presence of real life humorist, cartoonist and illustrators, and we will set up an exhibit of cartoons and humor illustrations in the stand hosting us.
The exhibition will be visible also online.
Visitors will be invited to vote for the best cartoons and humorous illustrations among the exposed works.
The prizes are symbolic, but have a great value in visibility.
The exhibition will be visible on the Provincia Autonoma di Trento website and on the official Festival dell'Economia website.
We invite you to send us your work on the TECHNOLOGY and JOBS theme,
you should send the pictures before May 24th 2018 at the address: studioandromeda@gmail.com
Works requirements: Max 1 Mb, 300 dpi, jpg format.

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