Amasya Municipality the 9th International Cartoon Drawing Contest 2018, Turkey

Amasya Municipality the 9th International Cartoon Drawing Contest 2018
In our 2018 competition, the subject was designated as "WATERLESS LIFE".
Water, the source of life, has been considered holy since ancient times. Water represents power and is the mos tperfect healer we can find. It is an indispensable source of life and a life without it is not possible.
Due to th eimportance and necessity of water for life, mankind has preferred to setle close to the sources of water from ancient times. The love of man to the water has been the most important factor in the shaping of civilizations throughou thistory.With the historical past, the cultural and artistic heritage from this past, the historical buildings, the pearl of Turkey Amasya is an ancientcity where thewater and civilization live together.
Especially during the Late Hittite, Phrygianand Urartu periods, water ponds were brought about by carving step water cisterns and rocks for theimportance given to water. Waterchannels are themos tbeautiful examples why the water is crucial for life, the city's culture, and how important it is. The beautiful rivers dividemanyregions of our beautifu lcountry ,also pass through the middle of many cities of theworld. Venice, Rome, Berlin, Vienna, Moscow are just a few examples.
According to ourbelief, water is crucial not only for life, but also for the purpose of purifying from material and spiritual filth. Because of this, first of all, in order to do worship, it needs to be cleaned, so the courts of the mosques are decorated with fountains, the neighborhoods are decorated with magnificent fountains ,baths and hammams. We understand the importance of the bathing culture, which is as old as the history of mankind, for the Romans from the remnants of baths built of precious marbles made of silver and gold faucets left to our city.
Today, the water scientists seek for life on other planets is indispensable fo rsurvival. Theworld is at times in conflict with the communities that want to reach the water. The main reason for this is globalwarming, rapidpopulationgrowth, environmentalpollutionandwaste. Inagriculturalirrigation; water waste has been avoided by allowing restricted freshwater resources, along with low water applications, to allow proper aquaculture.
We are waiting for you to protect water and water civilization with your caricatures on '' Waterless Life '', which tell us how important it is to all living things for from the past to the future and what a life without water will bring.We wish you the best luck .
The End Participation Date
To the close of business Tuesday, April 10, 2018.
1 - This competition is organized national and internationally and is open for all amateur and professional cartoon artists.
2 - The caricatures that include insult,harmful expressions and violence and serve political purposes will not be accepted and will be eliminated.
3 - Selected council members and their first-degree relatives may not participate in this competition.
1 - This is freehand drawing technique. If you wish to do your drawing on a computer please take a print out. Make sure your original signature is hand signed on your paper.
2 - The sizes should be at least A4 (21 x 29.7 cm) and no wider than A3 (29.7 x 42 cm). The drawing paper should not be stuck to any surfaces.
3 - The cartoon drawing you send should not have won a price in any other competition before. If the council members suspect anything about the drawing it will not be taken into consideration. If there are any arguments about stolen ideas or drawings the competing person will be held responsible.
4 - Competitors including the credentials with caricature (Annex-1) will talk about the form and brief curriculum vitae ( Annex-2) should be sent by filling out the form. (Click the link bottom of the page. The Annexes are at the end of the linked regulation.) 
5 - Each competitor can send up to 5 different drawings.
1 - Behind every piece of cartoon drawing should be written information about oneself (Name, surname, address, TC ID number, and e-mail address).Those that fail to do so will not be able to compete.
2 - Those participating under the age of 18 will receive prices for encouragement. Our young friends who wish to participate should also put a photocopy of their ID in the envelope.
3 - The works you submit in should only be sent to the address specified below.
4 - On the front side of your envelope you must write “Amasya Municipality 9th International Caricature Competition’’ and your name and surname. No participation will be accepted if your work doesn’t reach the given address by 10th of April, 2018.
5 - Caricatures can be delivered either address in the contact section of the terms of Amasya Municipality or mail report to be sent as money hand by courier.
6 - Your cartoon drawing should not be folded or damaged in any way. As long as the rules are followed you may send in your work with cargo or bring it in yourself.
First place: 5.000 TL
Second place: 3.500 TL
Third place : 2.500 TL
Honorable mention( for 3 participants): 1000 TL
Honorable mention for between the age of 15–18 (for 3 participants): 750 TL
Honorable mention for between the age of 9-14(for 3 participants): 500 TL
* The honorable mentioned will be given to 6 participants under the age of 18 to encourage young artists.
Chosen Councils:
-Osman AKBAŞ (Amasya Municipality Vice-President)
-Savaş ÜNLÜ (Jury Coordinator-Humorist)
-Şevket YALAZ (Cartoonist)
-A.Kadir USLU (Cartoonist)
-Mehmet SELÇUK (Cartoonist, representative)
- Altan ÖZESKİCİ (Cartoonist)
-Yusuf KOT (Cartoonist).
Contest Dates:
1 - It is going on by the end of Tuesday April 10, 2018.
2 - Jury assessment meeting will take place Saturday April 21,2018.
3 - The results will be announced on Tuesday the 24th of April 2018.
4 - The award ceremony will be held on a date to be determined by Amasya Municipality.
1 - The transportation money that will be given to selected councils members will be 1.750 TL . This price will not change under any circumstances. This money will not be given to the council member who is the vice-president of Amasya’s municipality.
2 - Members of the selection Committee who want to participate in the award ceremony, transportation and the cost of accommodation will be borne by the municipality of Amasya.
3 - Any caricatures that are fancied by the council members will be put up for exhibition. The date, time and place will be determined by Amasya Municipality.
4 - If the winner of this competition lives outside of the town then all expenses will be paid by the municipality. Transportation (bus) is included in this. If the winner is foreign then the travelling expenses made within Turkey only will be paid! If you wish to bring a guest with you then they have to pay for themselves. If the winner is unable to come to the ceremony then the prizes will be sent to their home address.
5 - Only domestic accommodation and transportation fees will be paid of our participants who are from abroad and awarded with a prize.
6 - If prize winners can not come to receive the prize IBAN bank transfer to reach our side will be made.If the rights holder does not report IBAN number the cost award,is timed at 1 year from the date of announcement of the results.The holder of the prize does not make any demands,copyright, etc.. in case of timeout.(Postage cost will be cut off from the money that will be paid for the participants.)
7 - Under 18 years of award-winning competitors and a person from parent's accomodation and transportation costs will be covered.
8 – Whether the participant is awarded with a prize or not every rights of using the caricatures pass on Amasya Municipal authorites.
9 - Participants received prizes or not,Amasya Municipality also benefit from any use rights of caricatures.
10 - From all the drawings sent a few will be chosen and made into an album prepared by Amasya Municipality. If your work is in this album or if you earn a price then a copy will be sent to you as well.
11 – The caricatures which sent to the competition, selected by the jury and found well enough to display on exhibition, will be collected in an album which will be organized by the Municipality of Amasya.These albums will be sent only to the degree of the participants,whose works published in this album.
12– At the end of the contest, the works selected for the exhibition or album shall be owned by the Municipality of Amasya indefinitely together with the owner of work by the process defined in Article 21 of the Law on Intellectual and Artistic Works numbered 5846, the reproduction defined in Article 22, the spread defined in Article 23,representation defined in Article 24 and the financial rights and transmission to public rights by means of the tools with the signs, sounds and / or images that are defined in Article 25 . Within the scope of these rights, the Municipality of Amasya shall be able to use the work and make it use indefinitely, within the territory of Turkey, or in other languages of the world, in all kinds of media and in all kinds of materials, by specifying the name of the owner of the works. Amasya Municipality shall not able to let the caricatures being used for different purposes under any circumstance.
13 – Any price will not be paid for the works selected for the exhibition and album.
14 - All the competitors that submit their work will be regarded as if they accepted the rules mentioned above.
Coordinator of Competitor: Yasin Emre ŞAHİN
Tel: 0 358 212 01 27 (External Line)
Central: 0 358 212 01 28 Interior: 314
E-mail: yarisma@amasya.bel.tr
Website: www.amasya.bel.tr
Address: Amasya Belediyesi Kültür ve Sosyal İşler Müdürlüğü
55 Evler Mah. Mehmet Varinli Cad. Amasya Belediyesi Kültür Merkezi Binası No:95-101,
05100 / AMASYA / TURKEY.

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