The Fifth International Productivity Cartoon Festival 2017, Iran

In the course of Productivity Cartoon Festival central theme, "The fourth industrial revolution" is called "Industry 4.0". Its output will eventually need to maintain the dignity and humanity, the military clean and green, reduce the consumption of resources such as water and energy, and access to goods and property demands of lead. Creating systems and smart production process on smaller scales is one of them. Smart farming, self-driving cars, robots, smart doctor and hospital system are examples of a comprehensive picture of the revolution. Internet and smartphones, as well as sensors, and super computers and data on this revolutionary heart and arteries. The rapid flow Darad and the pros and cons of the many opportunities that will create challenges and problems associated with them will have to be devised.
Suggested topics:
• Intelligent House
• Car
• Three-dimensional printers
• drone
• Intelligent drugs
• surgical robotics
• Number of works: maximum 5 works
• Entries must be submitted in jpeg format with DPI 300 precision
• size A4 or A3 is the maximum.
• There is no limit on the techniques employed for cartoons.
• Works with the completed form must be submitted photograph and brief biography of the artist.
• Festival the right to publish and showcase their works to the festival is significant.
• Catalog of the festival artists whose works will be presented in it are published.
• signing the entry form from the artist does he agree with all the provisions of the festival.
• Deadline for entries: 26 June 2017
• Email entries productoon@industry40.ir
New email for Productivity Festival/Iran (21.05.2017): info@tabrizcartoons.com
First prize: 3,000 € and a sculpture festival
Second prize: 2,000 € and Statues Festival
Third prize: 1,000 € and a sculpture festival
• The ten winners of the special prizes from the sponsors of the festival will be dedicated.
• It should be noted that the combination of international arbitration and the arbitration Art (Jury cartoonist) and science (management thinkers) will be.
Source: tabrizcartoons.

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