"Culture" is the theme for the 12th Tabriz Cartoon Festival 2015, Iran

12th Tabriz Cartoon Festival 2015, Iran
Subject: Culture
Size: The cartoons will be drawn up to 25 x 35 cm sheets maximum.
The cartoons will be posted to the following address:
Iran - Tabriz - Golestan garden - Art Home - Tabriz Cartoon Museum
Deadline: 2015 / 2 / 20
The cartoons will not be returned back,
irrespective they are awarded or not.
Digital cartoons are acceptable.
The contestants are required to provide their IDs complete with
the name, surname, address and telephone information.
Technique: Colored or black and white.
Max: 5 cartoons
1st Prize: US$ 1000
2nd Prize: US$ 750
3rd Prize: US$ 500
5 Awards to adults and 18 Year Old Cartoonists and Students.

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