Winners in the 18th Dutch Cartoon Festival 2013 with theme "Prejudices and Stereotypes"

The Russian-born Constantin Sunnerberg (See above), currently living in Belgium, received the first prize from the hands of Wim Reijnders, director of the Markiezenhof. This trophy for best cartoon in 2013, plus a cash prize were awarded in the framework of the Cartoon Festival, co-organized by the Markiezenhof, Feco (Federation of Cartoonist Organizations) and Tulip (Dutch Cartoonist Association).
The second prize went to the Dutchman Mark Baars (See below), the third prize went to the Israeli cartoonist Sergey Sichenko.
In addition to the above awards, the Dutchman Jan Zandstra won the award of Dutch Cartoonist Association, the Tulip. The cartoon by Belgian Stefaan Provijn was the winner of De KEVER prize as the best Belgian Cartoon 2013. The FECO prize went to the Romanian artist George Licurici.

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