Catalog 1st International Humour Cartoon Competition, Brain Sneezing 2011

Received a week ago the color catalog of the International Humour Cartoon Competition Brain Sneezing - from kalokagathia to hypochondria and back - with Topic 2011: Ideal and idealism. Organized in Prešov, Slovakia, the competition accepted both snail mail and e-mail participation that arrived 682 works of 206 authors from 48 countries. The opening of the exhibition and the awarding of prizes in the premises of the Prešov Centre of Culture was on the 6th December 2011. Prize-winners list here.
The project was co-financed by the Ministry of Culture of the Slovak Republic from the programme European Capital of Culture 2013 - Košice. Here are the introductory words of Peter Razus, project author and coordinator:
"Brain Sneezing is the reaction releasing the fantasy of the grotesque, in which the ideals of the antique perfection might meet the disillusion about the health of the individual or the society. Once the diagnosis is known, the prescriptions for health improvement can be sent by authors from the whole planet. A curious look in the mirror reflects the absurdity of life situations caused by the deformation of thinking and by the opposition of ideals and illusions. Loud laughter cannot be heard at the exhibition, but the soul reaches catharsis and the brain is tempted to sneeze again."
The catalog is 20 x 21 cm in size and has 36 pages including the covers. In the catalog are included works by Erdoğan Başol, Recep Bayramoğlu, Ahmet Büyükmehmetoğlu, Serpil Kar, and İ. Serdar Sayar from Turkey.
Above: Front cover and two pages of the catalog. Two more pages here.

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