Is there anybody out there?

Dear Cartoonists,
Below is the message (giving the participation conditions of a cartoonet competition) forwarded to me by a cartoonist friend in Turkey. The message is sent to his website mailbox.
Well, could you tell who is responsible for this competition? Is there an organisation, an association, a municipality, a city council, a gallery, a website, or a cartoonist behind this event? If there is, why don’t they show up?
Please remember what happened with the "Ethiopia cartoon contest 2009": http://arescuba.blogspot.com/2009/04/ethiopia-cartoon-fraud.html
All carried out through internet: they even revealed(!) winners, and reliable cartoon sites did not hesitate to announce the results!
There are few other fake competitions in the net nowadays I’m afraid. Please take notice and beware the cartoon collectors through cartoonet competitions. They are exploiting honest people’s priceless work! Some body is stealing honest artists’ invaluable talent, ideas, and gags!
Check the NEW FECO Model Regulations for Cartoon Competitions (2009), especially the PS note in the bottom lines: http://caricaturque.blogspot.com/2010/02/feco-model-regulations-for-cartoon.html

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From: Brazil Caricature
To: muzeumkarykatury@poczta.wp.pl
Cc: info@cartoonmuseum.ch ; mayte6@aol.com ; andre_feld@yahoo.com ; webmaster@punliners.com ; staff@caricaturedirectory.com ; xeth@mishmashmedia.com ; webmaster@punliners.com ; hiandlois1@aol.com ; hfolkmanart@aol.com ; jack@jackpittman.net ; tomstem@optonline.net ; ragstandman@msn.com ; medholm1@mac.com ; gpstorms@rogers.com ; acsinnott@adriansinnott.com ; mab@humorkompaniet.com ; r.n@humorkompaniet.com ; t.u@humorkompaniet.com
Sent: Saturday, April 03, 2010 4:53 AM
Subject: The first International Caricature Competition 2010 - Brazil
The first International Caricature Competition 2010 - Brazil
Competition is open to all professional and amateur cartoonists from all over the world.
World Famous People
The maximum number of 8 works.
June 20 , 2010.
The e-mail address:
Conditions of participation:
1. The works are black & white or colored, any style, any technique will be accepted (300 dpi, 4000 Pixel and JPG format).
2. The works should be included with author's photograph and a short biographical note (photo - jpg format, biography - doc format).
1st prize: 5000 Reais
2nd prize: 3000 Reais
3rd prize: 1000 Reais
Special Awards
1. The Jury, composed of foreign members, will meet in August 2010.
2. The organizers hold all the rights to publish the cartoons submitted to the contest and use them for promotional purposes.
E-mail: brazilcaricature@yahoo.com

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