Cartoon Competition: Just explain it simply – the financial crisis and poverty

Just explain it simply – the financial crisis and poverty
In the autumn of 2008, many people were caught off guard when terms such as “financial crisis” and “banking crisis” began making the news. For too long, the proponents of a free market economy have interpreted globalization as solely an economic matter, and have advocated unfettered markets - neoliberalism. Suddenly, the contradictions within this viewpoint became more noticable. The recent crisis appears to have had its origins in the uncontrolled growth of financial markets. The financial crisis has in turn begun to aggravate the crisis of economies already marked by stagnation and rising unemployment. And the real losers of this financial and economic crisis will obviously be the poor and the poorest. But how are these economic forces interrelated? Why do society’s poorest bear the brunt of the crisis, when in fact the money has been gambled away in the boardrooms of major corporations? We are looking for critical and satirical observations/commentaries which confront the causes and effects of the financial crisis, and the related contradictions and conflicts, on both a small and large scale.
Explain it simply — through means of cartoons and caricatures.
Conditions for participation:
1. The title of this competition for cartoons and caricatures is „JUST EXPLAIN IT SIMPLY – THE FINANCIAL CRISIS AND POVERTY“.
2. The call for entries is directed towards all cartoonists.
3. Deadline: Submissions must be mailed by 07th of November, 2009 to TALIDE e.V., Waldemarstraße 33, 18057 Rostock, Germany. Submissions postmarked later than 07th Nov. will not be accepted in the competition. The words „Erklär’s mal einfach“ must be written on the entry envelope.
4. Each participant may submit a maximum of three artworks. The artworks must be originals. They may not be have been submitted to other competitions. Captions should be either in German, Spanish or the English language.
5. Only the submitting artist’s original works are permitted.
6. Maximum format of the artworks: A4 (210 x 297 mm). The artwork should not be framed. There are no restrictions concerning artistic technique. The proposed works should also be sent to TALIDE by email. Please use the email form on the project homepage. Use JPG as your file format, 300 dpi image resolution.
7. On the reverse side of the original artworks should be written the full name, postal address, email address and phone number of the artist.
8. Also include a short C.V. (curriculum vitae), max. one A4 page, and a photo or a self-caricature of the artist.
9. Participation in the competition must be declared by 31. October, 2009 by filling out the participation form on the project website.
10. The prizewinners will be selected by an independent jury.
11. Three main prizes will be awarded: 1st prize: 1.000 Euro, 2nd prize: 500 Euro, 3rd prize: 300 Euro.
12. The three winning artworks will become the property of the competition organizers.
13. Selected entries will be exhibited. In addition, a competition catalog will be produced. Each artist whose works are exhibited or presented in the catalog will receive a copy of the catalog free of charge.
14. Originals will only be sent back if indicated by the artist. In this case, enclose an envelope and sufficient postage to return your submission.
15. Participants in the competition grant permission for the use of the proposed artworks in the competition organizer’s own publications, and for publications related to the competition.
16. By submitting artworks for this competition, the participant agrees to the competition terms and conditions. The artist explicitly agrees that by taking part in this competition, the artist grants his or her permission for the submitted artwork to be exhibited and to be published in the competition catalog.
17. The participant agrees to make no legal claims against the competition organizers.
WEB: http://cartoons.talide.de/en/wettbewerbaufruf.php5

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