International cartoon exhibition in Argentina: Mutualism ... Why?

International cartoon exhibition and panel discussion at Diogenes Taborda Museum: Mutualism .... why?
International Exhibition of Graphic Humor and table discussion which will take place on Wednesday August 19 at the Auditorium Kraft
The Museum of Humor Grafico Diogenes Taborda, Late.Ccnv, Mutual Life of New People, Fundación Cultural Volpe Stessens invite you and family at the opening of the exhibition of artists from the International Graphic Humor, which will take place on Wednesday 19th 20 pm., in the Auditorium Kraft, Florida 681, 2nd basement, Ciudad Autónoma de Buenos Aires, Argentina, was carried out a table of reflection "mutuals", with the participation of distinguished panelists: New People's Mutual Life, Center Cristiano Nueva Vida and other distinguished guests to be confirmed.
Humor Graphic Artists:
Ilya Katz, Israel / Fernando Pica, Colombia / Andrea Bersani, Marco De Angelis, Aldo Bertolotti, Italy / Horia Crisan, Romania / José Julio Castro (Lombillo), Spain / Ricardo Bermúdez, Cuba / Marcio Leite da Silva, Jorge Barreto, Brazil / Yuri Kosobukin, Ukraine / Mahboubeh Khalili, Masoud Hemmati, Iran / Oguz Gürel, Erdogan Basol, Hicabi Demirci, Turkey / Zhong Guo, China / Vilar, Argentina.

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