4th International Don Quichotte Cartoon Contest: Integration / Assimilation

4th International Don Quichotte Cartoon Contest “Integration / Assimilation”
The word „Integration“ in dictionary means coalescence, cohesion and adaptation. „Assimilation“ contains the meanings of alteration, resembling each other or adjusting oneself. These conseptions which seem as if they are different from each other build the parts of a complement especially in migration countries. Also one of them is the entity reason of the other one.
Nowadays neither the immigrants can accommodate to the society where they live nor they can live their own ethnic cultures freely. At the process of accommadition to the society of immigrants where live it can be possible that they are assimilated as much they diverge from their own culture also that they become estranged. But the real meaning of „integration“ is to be able to live in a country without losing self-identity. Whatever the ethnic origin of the person, the society accord the right of protection of his ethnic culture and language. Otherwise there is an „assimilation“ in other words „obligatory alteration“.
In social life „ideal person“ is who embrace the other cultures and folks. Our goal is that the societies do not confuse „adaptation“ and „alteration“ conceptions and that they provide that people maintain their cultures freely. The aim of our cartoon contest is to actualize this synthesis which can not actualize in real terms- through the cartoon art and to convey the required messages to the immigrant countries.
The Rules of Competition:
1) The participation in contest is possible only by Internet.
2) At most three cartoons can be sent.
3) The participating work may have been published neither with another competition presented nor on any way. With an offence, the deprivation of the achieved prices is the result.
4) The designs are to be drawn in A3-Size to deliver in 300 dpi dissolution and in JPEG format. They know both and black-and-white, and to be colored, the coloured representation is exactly the same as the colortechnical treatment of the work is incumbent on not a containment.
5) The sent cartoons are issued first on the web pages of the “Don Quichotte” under the column “Today”. Thus the work those is excluded the regulation to contradict, promptly from the competition. Thus in the past the pretty often experienced unauthorized counterfeit, of a work is avoided.
6) Deadline for the participation to the contest: 1 December 2009
7) The jury formed from the cartoonists of the different countries will evaluate the sent cartoons in December. The results will be announced on 15 January.
8) The prize ceremony will take place in Holland in March 2010. (Place and date of this meeting are communicated at a later time).
The Prizes:
- First Prize: € 1,000, 00
- Second Prize: € 750,00
- Third Prize: € 500,00
- Special Prize of “Semih Balcioglu”
- 10 Mentions.
Preselector Jury Members: Erdogan Karayel, Hicabi Demirci, Oğuz Gürel, Hayati Boyacioglu, Ahmet Aykanat.
Jury Members: Marlene Pohle, Massoud Shojai, Marcio Leite, Marian Avramescu, Vladimir Kazanevsky, Valeri Kurtu, Amorim, Julian Pena Pai, Raed Khalil, Willem Rasing, Seyran Caferli, Nezih Danyal, Eray Özbek, Firuz Kutal, Hüseyin Cakmak, Hicabi Demirci, Erdogan Karayel.

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