Personal exhibition catalog by Agim Krasniqi - KRAGI

Yesterday I received the personal exhibition catalog by Agim Krasniqi from Kosova. Mr Krasniqi - KRAGI, as he signs his work – is exhibiting his cartoons in Prishtina nowadays and soon to display them in Tiran, Albania.
Kragi was born in Bitola (Macedonia) in 1951, started with primary school in Bjelovar (Croatia), and continued with civil engineering university and the school of art in Prishtina (Republic of Kosova). His first cartoons were published in 1965 and his work occasionally appeared in the humorous newspaper “Thumbi”, the daily “Rilindja”, the weekly “Tan” which was popular in Turkish literary circles for some decades I can remember, and as well in some international publications like “STEJ”, “ELECTRON”, “STADY”, “Predah”, “KOLO”, etc.

This informative catalog prepared for the exhibition is published in Prishtine in 2009. It is 145x200 mm in size and has 28 pages, cover included. There is a short CV of the artist and two commentaries on Kragi’s art by Mustafa Ferizi and Ramadan Zaplluzha, all in three languages. The 19 cartoons in the catalog are in colour and there are also miniature pictures from the rich portfolio of the artist set in a film-strip style next to or beneath the cartoons.
You can see Kragi’s artwork at http://www.artbreak.com/Kragi or visit his website at http://www.agimkrasniqi-kragi.com/
Many thanks to Mr Agim Krasniqi for sending me this catalog. I hope he exhibits his cartoons in Turkey too.

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Anonymous said...

You must see exhibition its wonderful.It is great cartoonist which I ever see.Congratulation Kragi