Exhibition in Buenos Aires with theme: Organic, healthy and natural life/food

Exhibition in Buenos Aires . Theme: "Organic, healthy and natural life/food"
Dear Everybody:
I invite you to take part in an exhibition of cartoons about organic natural life and organic and healthy food.
The City Hall of San Isidro, the town where I live, lends me the walls of an exhibition of organic grocers and natural foods and cosmetics.
There will be no catalogue, not awards, not diplomas. Only your presence in San Isidro, Buenos Aires through your works.
The place is a 300 years old house in a very touristic colonial town, in front of the Gothic Cathedral where my parents got married and I was baptized.
I only may send you a lot of thanks, press clipping and photos of the exhibition.
THE IMPORTANT THING ABOUT THIS IS that I presented a plan of making a Museum of Humor here.
I told the Culture Secretary´s people that I may donate thousand of catalogues, original cartoons and be in charge of a permanent and rotating international exhibition if they give me the place. And they want to see, in this weekend of organic foods, if that could be possible... and if that attracts the public! You don´t have to work extra: you may send old works, related with ecology or nature, by email to me.
The exhibition is on 18th April, please send them well before that date. And consider this is Argentina, where everybody promises and then it´s delayed, and later "it couldn´t be done because of lack of budget, lack of place, etc, etc"...
But I believe in miracles!
THANK YOU, let´s hope the Museum of Humor in San Isidro will come a reality.
Best regards,
Ana von Rebeur anavon@hotmail.com
Some photos of San Isidro:

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