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CALL FOR PARTICIPATION - Virtual Gallery "OBAMA with Humour"‏
From: Porto Cartoon portocartoon@museudaimprensa.pt
For the Cartoon Virtual Museum Virtual Gallery "OBAMA with Humour"
Dear Cartoonist,
The recent victory of Obama amazed the world.
The most optimistic say "he will change the world".
The more pessimistic: "the world will change Obama."
There are humoristic who think that without Bush the fertile ground for satire will disappear.
Is it really?
As we think it will not happen, here is our invitation for sending your cartoons for the new Virtual Gallery "Obama with humour."
The characteristics of Obama, his victory and the expectation of change are all relevant factors to sharpen the cartoonists’ pencils from all around the world.
We want to prove that the creative power of humorists has no limits. And so the many contradictions of the human beings.
The conflict between passions and hates continues to mark the lack of enforcement of human rights in more than half the world's population!
How does the "new lord of the world" will do? Or undo? Or redo? Or not-do?
With what colour will paint the world?
The shock of the day on November 4 and outlook on the future lies in the hands of the cartoonists.
Send your cartoons and ... and the world will thank you for the ability in helping us to think, laughing.
With many thanks,
Luís Humberto Marcos.
Note: The Virtual Gallery "OBAMA with Humour" will open soon.
Until January 20, we want the walls of the gallery completely filled ...

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