XII Contest On-Line Fabricarica - Brazil

XII Contest On-Line Fabricarica / Brazil
Oscar Niemeyer Biography
Foundation Oscar Niemeyer: http://www.niemeyer.org.br/
The registrations can already be made and you can send your work to compete.
The winner will receive (by mail) a poster (0,70m X 1.00m) of his/her caricature drawn by one of the cartoonists of the Fabricarica. For further information, please log onto http://www.frabricarica.com.br/
Deadline: March, 15 2008
Rules and regulations of the Fabricarica On-line Contest
1- All caricaturists, professional or not, are allowed to participate.
2- The registration throught e-mail implies that the contestant accepts all the rules and regulations of the contest. Specific situations will be treated by the Organizing Committee.
3- The organizing committee consists of the legal representatives of the Fabricarica.
4- The person that will have his caricature drawn, will be defined on the site and there will be a link corresponding to the current contest.
5- Each contestant is allowed to send just one caricature for each contest. If more than one caricature is sent, just the first one will compete.
6- The works must be done using any conventional technique or digital technique. For the works done using digital techniques, those ones done with the photo manipulation of the photography will not be accpeted.
7- The works must be sent throught e-mail and they must contain the following information: Full name, address and telephone number. Without these information, the contestant will not be able to participate. If the contestant wishes, he or she will be able to use a pseudonym that will be available in the site of the contest. The works sent cannot contain companies’ websites. If this occurs, the work will not compete.
8- The digital file must have the following specifications:
· Maximum resolution 72dpi
· Maximum height or width of the image: 400 pixels
· Maximum size of the file 50kb.
Send: fabricarica@aleph.com.br
9 – The period to send the e-mails (registration) is available in the link that corresponds to the current contest.
10 – Each contestant is fully responsible for the origin and originality of the work registered under his/her name. The organizing committee is not responsible for copies illegally registered in the contest.
11- The jury will be defined by the site organizers in each contest. The definition of the winner will occur in up to 20 days after the ending of the time for registration. The final result will be announced on the site in the following order: 1st, 2nd and 3rd prizes.
12 – The awards and their delivery will be defined by the organizing committee and will be available on the link that corresponds to each contest.
For further information: http://www.fabricarica.com.br/

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