Anadolu University 3rd International Exhibition - Turkey

3rd International Cartoon Exhibition - Eskisehir Anadolu University - Turkey
Dear Cartoon Artist,
Anadolu University, one of the esteemed and well-known institutions in Turkey and among the ten mega universities in the world based on an international survey, will celebrate its 50th anniversary this year.
Anadolu University as an initiator of many innovations, has established the Research Center for Cartoon Art and Museum of Cartoon Art, both of which are the 'firsts' in Turkey. As it does on every branch of arts, Anadolu University places high importance on cartoon arts also. A number of exhibitions of famous cartoonists are produced each year. The collection of the museum becomes richer every day.
We invite all cartoonists to participate in the 3rd International Cartoon Exhibition. The theme of this year's exhibition is Celebration. We would like to furnish the museum with the works of famous artists. We hope that, by participating in the exhibition, you will support the museum and enrich the collection.
The theme of the exhibition is Celebration. Works which do not conform to the theme will be eliminated in accordance with the decision of the organization committee.
There are no technical or dimension limitations, but passe-partout and framing should not be done.
There is no limit to the number of works that can be submitted for the exhibition.
The submissions accepted for the exhibition will be exhibited at Anadolu University first, then in other cities and countries.
The works will become a part of Anadolu University Museum of Cartoon Art's archives. Upon request, cartoonists will be sent back their work but one copy will be reserved for the archives.
If the cartoonists choose to give the original or a copy of their work to Anadolu University, Museum of Cartoon Art, they will be the owner of all publication rights except in the books, catalogs, brochures, posters printed by the Museum and the University publications.
The works will be collected in an album and sent to the participants.
The participants should fill in the application form and send it with their work(s) to the address below no later than 10 April 2008.
Anadolu University
Museum of Cartoon Art
Akcami Mh. Malhatun Sok. No:6 Odunpazari
Eskisehir / TURKEY


Anonymous said...

Hi my name is erwin lee i am from singapore my cartoon was one of the selected 98 cartoons ,i have reicved the certificate but no catalogue, album as of now, i had tried to contact Prof Atila Ozer the head of research of cartoon art couple of times but no answer, has anyone expereince the same problem a smine, is the catalogue being prepared or had been sent out?anyway i havent recived mine

Anonymous said...

i have finally recieved the catalogue through the assistn professor of anadolu university