Art flashmob "War in Ukraine"

Dear artists, cartoonists, illustrators and designers, professionals and amateurs, adults and children! Everyone who is not indifferent to the fate of a brave country that is struggling with Russian aggression! 
The parliamentary newspaper "Holos Ukrainy" offers to join the international flashmob of cartoons and drawings "War in Ukraine". 
Please send to the e-mail address of the newspaper "Holos Ukrainy" golos.portal@gmail.com drawings in horizontal format A4-A3, jpg, RGB, high resolution quality. In the subject of the letter, please write "cartoon war". The file name must consist of your name, surname, country. For example: taras_shevchenko_ukraine_1.jpg 
The works will be published on the newspaper's website: www.golos.com.ua 
Along with creative works, please send brief information about yourself. At the request of the author, anonymity is maintained. 
Thanks for support! 
Glory to Ukraine! 
#saveukraine #stadingwithukraine #stopwarinukraine #supportukraine #russiainvadedukraine #stoprussia 
Let's fight terror together! 

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