The 8th KalDer Bursa International Cartoon Contest 2022, Turkey

8th KalDer Bursa International Cartoon Contest Specification
The Caricature Contest will be held with collaboration of KalDer Bursa Branch Office and Anadolu Karikaturculer Dernegi (Anatolian Caricaturists Society) for the 8th with in the 19th Quality and Success Symposium,which is going to take place in Bursa on the date of 26th of May 2022. 
What needs to be done? Just saving the day or walking hand in hand towards the future ? The responsibility of the risks the World face, concerns not only goverments but also private sector organisations,non-governmental organizations and academies. Society is not indifferent to it too 
It’s obvious that nothing is like before. 
The pandemic effected the whole World in terms of economy as well. 
When we take a look at the circle of life, we see the signs of the fact that climate change will cause both enonomic and social problems in near future. Business world that aims for long-term objectives is uncertain about next year’s targets. Business world tries to preserve savings,which built-up over years and to save the day at the same time. 
It shouldn’t be going like this. 
Finding common purpose,joint principles and mutual understandings is the key to break this life cycle.Not only to save the day but also to walk hand in hand to the future,we organize this contest within the scope of TOGETHER WE ARE STRONG TOGETHER WE SUCCEED. 
2. Last date for application: 13th of January 2022, Thursday 
3. The contest is receptive internationally for all amateur and professional caricaturists. 
4. Limited with three (3) caricatures, may be e-mailed to bursa@kalder.org in 300 dpi jpg format. 
5. The caricatures can be published, yet should not be awarded in another competition. The caricatures will be published at www.facebook.com/kalder.bursa social media account for detection of plagiarism and resemblance. Beginning date and expiry date of publishing will be announced later. Objections will not be considered after the dates specified. 
6. Competing caricatures may be printed and used in KalDer organisations (posters, books, albums, postcards, brochures, invitations, exhibitions, etc.) and published in internet environment. One of the artworks may be used as the main visual of the 19th Quality and Success Symposium which will be held in Bursa on the date of 26th April 2022. All remaining publication rights belong to the author. Competitors are considered to have an agreement in these conditions. 
7. Categories (You need to indicate your category for which you applied on the form.) 
1. Adult Category (at the age of 17 and above ) 
- 1st Place 6.000 TL & Plaque 
- 2nd Place 4.000 TL & Plaque 
- 3rd Place 2.000 TL & Plaque 
- Three Honorable Mention Plaques 
- Anatolian Caricaturists Society Special Award (Plaque). 
2. Young Category (at the age of 16 and below) 
- 5 achievement certificates 
- 15 finalist participation certificates .
Explanation: Reward money and plaques will be sent to respective winners in March 2022. Reward money will be paid according to exchange rates of the date of payment in USD for international artists. 
8. Results will be announced at www.facebook.com/kalder.bursa social media account on 7 February 2022, Monday. 
Jury Members 
- Ahmet Aykanat (Turkey) Cartoonist 
- Mehmet Kahraman (Turkey) Cartoonist 
- Mehmet Zeber (Turkey ) Cartoonist 
- Halit Kurtulmuş (Turkey) Cartoonist 
- Alla Georgieva (Bulgaria) Cartoonist 
- Alireza Pakdel (Iran) Cartoonist 
- Olga Guler (Turkey) Cartoonist 
- Emin Direkci (Turkey) KalDer Bursa 
- Kutlu Sahin (Turkey) KalDer Bursa 
- Aykan Kurkur (Turkey) KalDer Bursa 
- Arzu Ozel (Turkey) KalDer Bursa 
Person in Charge of Organisation: Arzu Ozel 
E-mail Adress for the works to be sent: bursa@kalder.org 
Contact Information: 
Phone: +90224 241 60 10 
KalDer Bursa (Turkiye Kalite Derneği Bursa Branch Office) 
Yuzuncu Yil Mah. 416 Sok. No:2/1 Nilufer / Bursa / Turkey 
Tel: 0224 241 60 10 
KalDer Bursa Şubesi (Türkiye Kalite Derneği Bursa Şubesi). 
Application Form on source.

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