The 15th HumoDEVA International Cartoon Contest 2021, Romania

The HumoDEVA International Cartoon Contest, the 15th Edition 2021
The HumoDEVA International Cartoon Contest is an open competition for artists all over the world. Anyone may take part, with no restrictions. The participation is free of charge. 
You can participate in one or in all two themes, with maximum 5 works/theme. 
THEME 1: CONSPIRACY THEORIES: FAKE or REAL? - maximum 5 works 
You can send your drawings about any conspiracy theories, especially the most recent ones. Do an internet search and find a lot of material on this topic. We suggest below some links: 
THEME 2 - Free THEME: Your BEST CARTOONS Of 2020-2021 - maximum 5 works 
Graphic Humor - Cartoons or Caricatures without words! (we accept also drawings with a little text in English) 
15 August 2021 (EXTENDED:) 15 September 2021
This year, because we are in the 15th edition, the golden prize will be 1500 euros. At the 16th edition, the prize will go up to 1600 euros... And we will do the same, until the 100th edition! 
The Jury, composed of renowned cartoonists, will award the following prizes for the best works: 
GOLD PRIZE - 1500 Euro, Special Honor Diploma and a Personal Gallery on BestCARTOONS.net 
SILVER PRIZE - 700 Euro, Special Honor Diploma and a Personal Gallery on BestCARTOONS.net 
BRONZE PRIZE - 400 Euro, Special Honor Diploma and a Personal Gallery on BestCARTOONS.net 
10 EXCELLENCE Awards, Special Honor Diploma and a Personal Gallery on BestCARTOONS.net 
The jury's decisions are final and irrevocable. 
Other Special Prizes offered by the sponsors may be awarded. 
The prizes can be paid in Deva or can be posted to the cost of the receiver. The organizer does not assume any liability regarding taxes or bank charges. We will not resend any money prize due to the failure of delivery thereof caused by incorrect information supplied by the participating artists. 
Only the original drawings of the prize-winning entries should be sent in maximum three weeks from the results announcement (postal stamp), well wrapped and protected against damages. 
Works must be originals and any kind of graphical technique will be accepted, including digital artwork. 
Entries can be either black and white or colored. Size of entries is maximum A3 format. 
The works and your Curriculum Vitae (CV) must be digitized in 300 DPI resolution, JPG or PNG format, with the limit of 3 MB for each. 
The name of the cartoons, in English, must contain the entrant’s given name, family name, country and a few keywords related to the work. Example: horia_crisan_romania_island_water 
CHECK HERE if your works are loaded. 
The cartoons selected for the contest will be exhibited, free of charge, on HumorPLA.NET, for the visitors around the world and for the attention of all cartoonists (to prevent similarity, copying or stealing). Any cartoon which is similar, copied or stolen will not be awarded. 
The contest results will be announced on the HumoDEVA 2021 web site. 
HumoDEVA retrospective eCatalog 2001-2021, in .pdf format, will be sent by email to all selected artists. 
Contestants allow the Organizers the right to reproduce any of the selected works free of charge for publication in cartoon books, catalogs, advertising in the press, internet and other media, separate promotional printed works such as posters, leaflets, promotional gifts, calendars, etc, in as many copies as the Organisers shall deem appropriate, including publication on the website BestCARTOONS.net, eBooks and any other form of communication and promotion. 
The Organisers are authorized to publish the works on any support, even for commercial purposes. In the case of reproductions, the author will be mentioned in habitual ways. The author allows free use of their work for popularisation, cultural and recreational purposes, as well as for public enjoyment. The author must expressly renounce all rights to any compensation. 
The copyrights on the works still belong to the authors. 
Contestants expressly authorize the Organizers to process the personal data in its possession in accordance with the personal data protection law, so as to include them in databases operated directly by the Organizers or a third party appointed by it. 
The Organizers are entitled to adopt final decisions on all matters not mentioned in these regulations. These are published on the website www.HumoPLA.NET in English. 
By submitting the works and participating in The HumoDEVA International Cartoon Contest, the artists accept unconditional the decisions of the Jury and the rules printed above. 
Horia CRISAN, founder of HumoDEVA International Cartoon Contest & owner of HumorPLA.NET 
Liviu STANILA, co-founder of HumoDEVA International Cartoon Contest & illustrator. 
Source: humorpla.net.
Deadline updated 14.08.2021 21:50.

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