Kartal Municipality International Covid-19 Cartoon Competition 2020, Turkey

Kartal Municipality International Covid-19 Cartoon Competition
1 - The competition is open to all amateur and professional illustrators. 
2 - The subject of the contest is in the form of "Covid-19 Epidemics", which affects the whole world. 
3 - Each artist can participate in the competition with a maximum of 3 works. 
4 - Technique is free for the participating works. The size of the cartoons should not exceed A3. The works to be sent should be at 300 dpi resolution and sent by e-mail. 
5 - There will be participation in the competition with works made with black-white or color technique. However, the works must be original and signed. 
6 - The deadline to participate in the competition is Monday, October 5, 2020. Works that do not arrive until the working hour are excluded from the competition. The jury meeting will be held between 5-10 October 2020 and the result of the competition will be announced to the press and social media. 
7 - The cartoons deemed worthy to be exhibited among the works participating in the competition will be collected in an album. 
8 - The e-financial address to send the cartoons: kartalcartooncontest2020@kartal.bel.tr Illustrators must send a photo and CV with their work. 
9 - All usage rights of the works participating in the competition and exhibited in the album belong to Kartal Municipality. 
10 - The cartoonists participating in the competition are deemed to have accepted all the conditions. 
11 - Competition Jury: 
Adem UÇAR - Deputy Mayor of Kartal Municipality 
Vladimir Kazanevsky - Ukraine 
Massoud Shojai - Iran 
Marco de Angelis - Italy 
Hasan Seçkin - Hasat Art Workshop 
Oğuz Gürel - Turkey 
Ercan Akyol - Turkey 
Saadet Demir Yalcin - Turkey 
Huseyin Aslan - Turkey 
Yurdagün Göker - Turkey. 
10 - Awards: 
* First Prize 1500 $  
* Second Prize 1000 $ 
* Third Prize 750 $ 
* Honorable Mention 4 x 400 $  
* Kartal Municipality Presidential Special Award 
* Our Cartoon Masters - Bedri Koraman Special Award 
* Jury Special Prize 
* Harvest Art Workshop Award 
* Special Prizes (6). 
11 - The cartoons participating in the competition will be finalized as 100 finalist works by the jury in the first place. Copy, imitation, etc. studies are eliminated from the competition with the jury report and report. 
12 - Participating cartoons may have been published before, but should not have been awarded in any competition. 
13 - Competition Album will be sent to the artists whose works are published in the album. 
14 - The evaluation of the participating works and the award ceremony (considering the Covid-19 outbreak) will be held online. 
15 - The results of the competition will be announced to the public on 11 October 2020 at the latest. 
16 - Kartal Municipality Competition Participation Certificate will be sent to all participating illustrators. 
17 - The Award Ceremony and Competition Exhibition will be held at the place and date deemed appropriate by Kartal Municipality. The results of the competition will be sent to Kartal Municipality Directorate of Culture and Social Affairs along with the minutes of Saturday, October 18-11. 

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