Rules for the VII International Exhibition of Graphic Humor - Lima 2015, Peru

Dear colleagues and artists:
Peru wears the joy, creativity and art with the completion of the VII International Exhibition of Graphic Humor - Lima 2015.
The theme for this year's: Floods.
A flood is the occupation by water or residential areas for agriculture, either by overflowing rivers, torrential rains, snowmelt, by rising tides over the habitual level or avalanche caused by tsunamis.
Floods are one of the natural disasters that occur more victims in the world. It has been estimated that in the twentieth century some 3.2 million people have died for this reason, which is more than half of those killed by natural disasters in the world during that period.
We invite all artists to send their works on this topic that allows us to reflect on or is happening on the planet and what we can do to make it a better world. It is humor is a good tool for that.
The success of the International Exhibition of Graphic Humor, considered one of the most important artistic events in Latin America depends on you.
1. The works submitted must stick to the theme chosen for this sixth edition: Floods
2. The artist may submit up to two works from his personal archive. These may have been published and / or previously awarded.
3. They shall send to the organizers their personal details (full name, address, contact number, address).
4. The work must have a resolution of at least 300 dpi and a minimum size of A-4 (30 x 21 cm.)
5. The works, along with the required data have to be sent only to the official email: salonhumorperu@salonhumorperu.com 
6. The closing date will be July 30, 2015.
7. The works received that pass the selection form the exhibition which is scheduled for Thursday, September 10, 2015.
8. The artists whose works are selected will receive a copy of the official catalog of the Hall of Humor, sent through the Foreign Ministry to countries which have diplomatic representation.
9. The artist authorizes the organizers to use his work for the publicity that The Hall of Humor Graphic required to promote the event (posters, poles, press releases, etc.).
10. By entering the artist accepts all the conditions laid down in the rules of the call for the VII International Exhibition of Graphic Humor - Lima 2015.
WEB: http://www.salonhumorperu.com.

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