A letter, a blacklist, and a fake competition

From: tawan chuntra tchuntra@yahoo.com
Date: 16 Feb 2012 06:59
Dear kozyurt
I send you the information that the contest that not pay the prize.
Please inform other cartoonists for consideration.
Pease post in your blog, http://caricaturque.blogspot.com/
I won special prize in 39th Skopje 2011,Macedonia, but until now I do not receive the prize anymore. This contest is so fake. Belowing is email that only thing I receive, on Friday, 22 July, 2011 2:20 PM
Tawan Chuntra

Dear Tawan Chuntra,
Thank you for the participation in the World Gallery of cartoons and congratulations for the award.
The participants who win the Special Award, as you are, are granted with the Special Award Plaque, beside the Catalog (available for all selected participants). We have sent the Catalogs first to all the participants, and afterwards we'll send the Plaque as well.
Sorry for the delay. We are looking forward our future cooperation
Regards from Macedonia,
Mice Jankulovski
Director of OSTEN Skopje.
Unfortunately, we notice that World Gallery of Cartoons Skopje is among the blacklisted cartoon contests by FECO: In this page you could find contests where the cartoonists rights are not respected because the organisers claim copyrights:
Of course, there is still hope:
Hopefully these contest rules will change and then, these contests announcements will join the main contest list !
And some fake cartoon contest news again released by only Mr Seyran Caferli's Cartoon News Centre: The International "Restaurant" Cartoon Contest 2012 !!!
Unfortunately Mr George Licurici re-published the info about that fake competition although with a question mark about the organizer. Somebody (with the e-mail address from China !!!) needs original ideas of you honest cartoonits about food and restaurant to copy from! For what? For nothing!
Serious website editors will not promote that false competition I hope and must protest the person behind it and he is already condemned by many editors and cartoonists for sure indeed.

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TRIANA said...

Interesting to know the blacklist of "FECO." Greetings from Colombia and thanks for sharing the information.