Very sad news: Bulgarian cartoonist Rumen Dragostinov passes away yesterday

7 August 2011 19:00.
Our friend and colleague Rumen Dragostinov died.
We all mourn deeply.
Let us pray for the eternal peace of his soul.
08 August 2011 09:42 / traykopopov
(This report from: http://www.ismailkar.com/).

Rumen Dragostinov was born on 17-09-1956 in Sofia.
Member of the UBA section caricature.
Vice President of FECO Bulgaria.
Worked in the field of graphic design and caricature.
Participated in cartoon exhibitions both at home and abroad.
Winner of 30 national and 150 international awards for cartoon.
Participated as a member of international juries of cartoon contests
in Serbia, Azerbaijan, Syria, Turkey...
Solo Exhibitions:
1981 - Sofia, Bulgaria
1989 - Tolentino, Italy
2003 - Krusevac, Serbia
2010 - Kruishoutem, Belgium
(Source: cartoonia).

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