6th International Biennial for Caricature, Plovdiv 2011, Bulgaria

Subject:"You are welcomed by your clothes, you are seen off by …"
This is a part of a popular Bulgarian proverb which you should “complete”.
As a rule the first impression of a man leaves its mark on our mind.
We expect to receive interesting caricatures matching the text which should either keep the tradition or be a personal interpretation of the authors.
We are looking forward to your works.
Address for submission:
Regional Ethnographic Museum
2, Dr. Chomakov St.
4000 Plovdiv BULGARIA
Phone: ++ 359 32 626328; ++ 359 32 625257.
E-mail: ethnograph@abv.bg
1. The Biennial for Caricature is open to professional and amateur caricaturists from all over the world;
2. Each participant should send up at least one piece of work 210x297 mm (A4 format);
3. The caricatures may be colorful or black-and-white;
4. Participants should send their caricatures by 31 July 2011;
5. It is advisable that together with their caricatures, participants also send a photograph or take-off and CV;
6. An international jury will nominate five caricaturists who will be conferred the title Master of Caricature;
7. Prize caricatures are not sent back;
8. The rest of the caricatures will be sent back if authors state that in written form;
9. The catalogue of the exhibition will be given free of charge to participants whose caricatures are included in the catalogue.
Time and venue: 1 October 2011, at 18.00 hrs at the Regional Ethnographic Museum.
Submission deadline: 31 July 2011 (mail date)
The nominated works will be kept in Works of Fine Art Stock of Regional Ethnographic Museum, Plovdiv.
Source: syriacartoon

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