XII International Cartoon Contest Zielona Gora 2010

XII International Cartoon Contest Zielona Gora 2010 – Poland
Announcement and publication of the Competition: Febuary 2010
Deadline for receiving works: 31st May 2010
Sitting of the Jury: June 2010
Announcement of the Jury decision , seminar and the opening of the post competition exhibition: September 2010
GRAND PRIX – PLN 4.000 and Statuette
1st PLACE – PLN 3.000 and Statuette
2nd PLACE – PLN 2.000 and Statuette
3rd PLACE – PLN 1.500 and Statuette
Sponsors’ prizes.
The Organizers have the right to the change in the amount of particular prizes, nonetheless, the total amount of prizes shall remain unchanged.
THE JURY: The Jury comprises of the Organizers representatives as well as artist dealing with art in practice or as theoreticians.
Both professional and amateur cartoonists are eligible to take part in the competition.
Unlimited original works (format min. A5 – max. A3) in optional technique should be sent or delivered by May 31st, 2010 to the following address:
The Organizers are not responsible for damage or loss during transportation!
The winners as well as cartoonists qualified to participate in the post-competition exhibiton shall be provided with a free copy of a catalogue published by the Organizers.
The Organizers provide the competition prize winners with free acccomodation and boarding during the exhibition event.
The winners receive their prizes on condition that they are either present at the opening of the post competition exhibition or else they indicate a bank account where the money is to be transfered.
The works become the property of the Organizers and shall be included in the collection of the False Mirror gallery located in Lubuskie Stowarzyszenie Miłośników Działań Kulturalnych DEBIUT in Zielona Gora.
Every participant in the competition agrees to their free of fees delivery of works to the False Mirror gallery.
Every work delivered to the competition ought to be accompanied (on the reverse) with the readable author’s signature, address and a telephone number.
By sending their works to the competition the participants agree to the abovementioned regulations and they further agree to the free of fees publication of their works for marketing purposes connected with the competition and post competition exhibition.
The exhibition organizers are the final judges in the interpretation of these regulations.
By sending his/her works and taking part in the competition the artist agrees to the abovementioned rules and regulations.
WEB: http://www.debiut.org.pl/
E-mail: debiut-zg@o2.pl
History of the Competition

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