Results the "Fair Play" International Cartoon Contest in Odessa, Ukraine

The permanent exhibition of cartoons forwarded to the “Fair Play” International Contest was opened on Friday, June 26, on Primorskiy blvd in Odessa. The exposition is placed in glass windows, round the entrance to the escalator, at the side of Primorskiy blvd.
Initially three money prizes for the winners of the “Fair Play” International Contest were foreseen. However already during working out the totals it was decided to increase the number of rewards, adding another second prize and two more thirds.
Marina Turovskaya (Ukraine) became the victress of the contest. (Top above)

Igor Kondenko (Ukraine) and Milenko Kosanovich (Serbia) took the second place.

Bronze prizewinners are Victor Golub (Ukraine), Paolo Dalponte (Italy), and Cem Koc (Turkey).
Encouraging prizes were reached by Odessites: Victor Dzhevaga - granted by “Alye Parusa” restaurant, Aleksander Barabanschikov - granted by the Worldwide Club of Odessites, Anatoliy Sinishin - granted by the “Knizhkoviy supermarket” network of the Odessa bookstores.
Report: http://viknaodessa.od.ua/?Cartoon_eng
Participants: http://viknaodessa.od.ua/?Cartoon_rus
Gallery: http://viknaodessa.od.ua/gallery/?author=89

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